Le Chevalier

The value of tradition, the quality of innovation

Le Chevalier – European advisory firm is an independent boutique specialising in offering tailor-made day-to-day and long-term wealth planning, investment and estate planning solutions to international actors and local players. We are mostly active in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy, supporting our clients in the entire European Economic Area.

At Le Chevalier the client – either corporate or individual – is always central and we do not limit to a quick business case review, we have rather chosen to combine holistic approach with in-depth strategy, innovative thinking and flexibility, providing a dedicated luxury service at reasonable rates.

Our aim is furthermore to set us as a dedicated permanent advisor on the longer term, eventually in combination with other actors (attorneys, financial advisors, notaries, family members etc) or standing alone.

Le Chevalier was created by expatriates and our main focus is on the mobility of assets, capitals, business and human factor. Our clients range from international executives and professionals, HNWI, multicultural families, digital nomads, business starters. Not only we guide the client in their transfer choices but we facilitate their integration in the business network and the social community, providing an essential business development support.

A personalised approach

In that sense, through our established network and partners, we are able to guide the client carefully and in a dedicated manner according to their specific personal and professional necessities, including assistance with the set-up of legal entities, analysis of the residential and commercial real estate opportunities as well as all the necessary matters regarding the global mobility of international professionals, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and HNWI in Europe.