Le Chevalier provides a first-class service and on-demand expertise at reasonable rates, combining a traditional rigorous approach with innovation and dynamism; our advice mainly focuses on the following areas.

Real Estate

Real estate is pivotal for any balanced investment, portfolio and profitability strategy. We advice on real estate purchase, planning and management in the prestige, residential and commercial sectors. We support our clients with personalised property search and property management strategy.

Expatriate services

Our services include:

  • Home search and purchase
  • Assistance with visa and residency permits, local registration and administrative procedures, relocation and repatriation process
  • Settling-in process, social and business integration

To international business starters we also offer the best support for launching their business projects on the market, we advice on the creation of a company structure (business plan, legal form, permits and grants), on finding suitable business space and on establishing contacts with relevant business players.

Wealth planning, Estate planning and Tax planning

We listen to the needs of our clients and design the most suitable tax and pension planning for their future. In coordination with the best notary professionals, we advice on the best generational planning choices, including inheritance, successions and donations.

Philanthropy and charitable activities are becoming more and more popular as society evolves: we advice our clients on the best way to leave a remarkable legacy through their assets.

Wealth planning is key to a wealthy future: we advice on traditional, digital and pleasure assets, collectibles and art investments. In our strategy we also include ESG and impact investing options to be more sustainable.

UHNW and high-income

Challenges, timely decisions and professionalism are often involved in the complex world of high-income individual and business families. We can operate on behalf of a single family office, multi-family office or virtual family office with a dedicated desk; we assist and support the family governance and generational planning through a range of dedicated services.