Le Chevalier is the independent advisory firm specialising in the global mobility of professionals, families, entrepreneurs and capitals. Our experienced team delivers a bespoke boutique service providing tailored fiduciary, wealth, tax, investments, real estate and global mobility solutions to the benefit of global professionals, expatriates, digital nomads, family offices & HNW.

Serving the Benelux, Switzerland and Italy and established out of a century long family tradition, Le Chevalier believes in diversity, sustainability and technology.

Come as you are!

Diversity matters: we are an LGBTQ+ friendly firm supporting the rainbow community and proudly helping LGBTQ+ clients achieve their life and business goals. We love sustainability and embrace the challenges of the ecological transformation: it is therefore essential for us to combine the value ​​of tradition with the quality of innovation in our engagement, process-oriented solutions and business model as far as possible. We create innovative, process-oriented solutions using modern regulatory environment and new technological developments.

Le Chevalier operates as an independent ad-hoc consultancy and follows a holistic approach examining the specific needs of clients and acting as main point of contact coordinating a range of different legal, accounting and financial professionals and family members.

Created by expats for expats

Le Chevalier’s professionals are members of the expatriate community themselves who lived through most of the same criticalities our clients may have to face. We are passionate about helping expatriates and we attach great value to the personal relationship with our clients, either high-income households, globetrotters, single clients or international families listening to their needs and expectations while developing an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

Our hourly-fee service engagements are offered at reasonable rates, adjusted to the complexity of the matter and may be negotiable in specific cases.